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One day after landing in Tokyo on holiday in 1991, Michael wandered into the Japanese advertising industry.
In the years since, he has been blessed with the opportunity to develop concepts and write copy for some of the world's best-known brands. After working as an international creative director at Hakuhodo for 15 years, he has worked on a freelance basis for various clients and agencies in Japan.
In 2017, he formed EIGHTPOCKETS with Nicci Keller. 


Born and raised in Zurich Switzerland, Nicci began taking landscape and still life photos from an early age. By 1985, he had gravitated to fashion photography on the other side of the planet, working as an assistant to the Australian photographer David Haddon.
In 1988, he settled in Tokyo where his vast portfolio of work has captured the leading edge of Japanese culture spanning from music to fashion to advertising. 
Today, Nicci remains busy with still photography while directing film and video. 


Originally from France, Yves has worked in Japan for over 10 years as a screenwriter, director, 3D animator, art director and technical director.
In addition to directing internationally acclaimed  animation work, which has won awards in New York, Paris and Madrid, Yves has made creative films for global brands such as Canon, Perrier and Conrad Hotels.
Based on his diverse experience in filmmaking, branding and social media video, Yves currently works as a consultant for international marketers and TV channels. 


Dan is the founder and creative director of DYW Design, an award-winning, Tokyo-based graphic design agency that has provided creative services for companies, inside and outside Japan for over 15 years.
With his strong local knowledge and international networks, he works as comfortably with international businesses seeking to navigate the Japanese market as with Japanese companies focused on international markets. 
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